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Ski Haus Junior Program

Junior Lease Kick Off!  

Ski Haus Lease Programs Begin September 13, 2014!  Ski and boot packages are just $120!

Just In!  EVERY purchased or leased junior  package will once again come with a FREE Junior season pass to Bretton Woods!

Ski Haus realizes that kids do a funny thing that characterizes them as kids... They grow. Here at the Haus we also know that to pay full price year in and out for kids is crazy. So here at Ski Haus, we offer a Jr. Trade Program which families have been taking advantage of for over 3 decades. Here's how it works.

Buy New Junior equipment at its SALE price between October and January and Ski Haus will give you a 50% trade in the following year up to $125 for skis and $75 for boots. We'll still give you 1/3 back up until 12/31 if you want to wait. If you get two years out of anything (kids usually do get two years out of their skis) we'll give you up to 25% 2 years later. All we ask is you bring your receipt and come in before Thanksgiving of that following year.

Here's an example: Today I spend $280 for Susieís new equipment (yes, you can buy a new complete jr. shaped ski package with boots for only 280 bucks), and I come in next year before Thanksgiving (of 2014) with my receipt and I get a $140 credit towards new stuff. It's that easy.

We can even suggest other great ways for kids to save...

For instance, you can buy a used kids ski package for around $100. Add boots for around $50, you get everything you need but a lift ticket, all adjusted and tuned for around $150

Thatís $150 and you own it. Ready to go! 

And if you can find a way to write your kids skis off, we even offer a Lease. From $120/year you'll get skis, boots and bindings...Pick them up now and ski them all year. Return them by 4/15/14 and they don't clutter up your basement for the summer. (Please call for availability)

Confused yet? Maybe thisíll help

Buy new and trade in and pay about $140/year, $90 if you keep them 2 years. Lease used and pay as little as $120/year.

Whatever works for you, who better to understand your family than ours?


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